Small group build, great happiness——We make dumplings in the office

Dumpling is a traditional Chinese food, filled with dough wrappers in the shape of half moons or ingots. The wrapped dumplings can be made into steamed dumplings, fried dumplings or soup dumplings. Originated in Nanyang Nianyang (now Henan Nanyang Dengzhou), according to legend, it was invented by Zhang Zhongjing in the Eastern Han Dynasty.

Dumpling is a folk food with a long history. Eating Dumpling is also a unique folk tradition of Chinese people during the Spring Festival. Because of the meaning of "more years to hand over children," so popular among the people. There is a folk saying that "nothing tastes better than dumplings". During the Spring Festival, dumplings have become an indispensable delicacy. In the folk customs of many areas in China, staying up on New Year's Eve to eat "dumplings" is the most important feast that can not be replaced by any delicacies.

Group construction in June, arranged in the office, we make dumplings together. In the morning, two colleagues went to the supermarket to buy back the dumpling materials. At ten o 'clock in the morning, we began to prepare, we work together, division of labor cooperation, wash vegetables wash meat, chop meat cut vegetables, sink, and surface, showing their advantages, rolling rolling rolling rolling, stuffing stuffing, a process in an orderly manner. The scene of laughter, happy.

In the laughter, the shape of different, different sizes of dumplings unknowingly all finished, and then we began to cook dumplings. Soon, a steaming dumplings, emitting a strong taste of "home", served on the table.

Eating dumplings made by ourselves, we felt the joy of labor and the warmth of the team. We all said that our stomach was full and our heart was warm. Through this dumpling making activity, we all felt the warmth of home. At the same time, this activity created a beautiful and harmonious atmosphere between colleagues, shorten the distance between colleagues, let the warmth in the hot dumplings continuously transmitted.