Custom Let’s Stay Home LED Neon Sign
Custom Let’s Stay Home LED Neon Sign

Lets Stay Home! SIGNAGE

This is flex LED neon sign, flexible silicon tubes with LED lights inside . 12V/24V lower voltage Flex LED neon sign is safe, non-frangible. It's better choice for large text or logo.

This flex led neon sign is install on clear acrylic sheet. It's hand crafted artist. You could custom for any bigger size, any color.
Color available : Orange, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White, Pink, Purple

This flex LED custom neon sign could be installed on all or hanging. It comes with hanging chain and hole in backing. You could customize any text, logo, colors and sizes as you wished. The neon sign will be a amazing decoration in your room, bar, shop or wedding etc.

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Flex LED Neon Silicon material is with extremely long lifespan and stability. 12V/24V Lower voltage Flex LED neon is safe
Uniform light emission, good consistency, no light spots.The product can be bent and cut to meet the needs of various designs.
Flex Neon can be customized different kinds of pattern or letters.
Small or big size can be available.Dimmable, Easy to install, can be cut and reconnected


Dimensions (W*H) Customized as your design
LED Neon Flex Jacket Milky white jacket or colored jacket
LED Neon Flex Size
LED Color Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, White, Warm White, Pink, Lemon, Ice Blue
Backboards 5-12mm Acrylic Plate
Acrylic board color Transparent / Black/ colored
Backboard shape Squared board, Board cutted to form letter, Board cutted to form shape
LED Power Adapter Standard 230V or 110V LED Power Adapter
AC Power Plug EU / UK / AU / US/ CN Plug
Main Parts Acrylic plate, Neon Flex, Power Supply, Accessories for installation
Transparent Cable Approx. 2M long (from LED sign)
AC Power Cord Approx. 1.5M long (from the power supply)
Installation Methods Mounting (on wall) or Hanging by ropes (on celling)
Delivery Time 1 week after payment confirmed ( depending on the order Qty)
Warranty 2 years



Very suitable for architectural lighting, contour lighting and channel lighting, decoration in your room, bar, shop or wedding etc.



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