LED Shelf Light

  • Slim Size Magnetic LED Rigid Bar

     Super slim with wide 14mm x height 10mm,easy installation with magnetic or mounting with clips,different lengths and customized length are available. To be use with constant voltage DC24v driver ,dimmable available .     Item no. HM-RS035BW05CQ HM-RS045BW06CQ HM-RS055BW08CQ HM-RS065BW09CQ HM-RS075BW10CQ HM-RS085BW12CQ HM-RS095BW13CQ HM-RS105BW15CQ HM-RS115BW16CQ Length 350mm 450mm 550mm…
  • LED Mini Spotlight 1W Angle Adjustable Jewelry Counter Museum Gallery Showcase Lighting

    https://youtu.be/EhJsv3iPLs0 LED mini Track Light Product Features 1.The led track lamp body cab be rotated 90°vertically and 360°horizontally 2.The heat of the driver is totally independent with the heat of the lamp 2.Almost all brands of track accessories are available for led track light fixture 3.No UV IR radiation, no…
  • MINI Flexible Magnetic Power Track System

      MINI Flexible Magnetic Power Track System Because of its compact structure, small size and space saving, the product is widely used in various display cases, Windows and shelves. Good window and store lighting design, so that consumers remember the brand, see the details of the product, so…
  • Cabinet Light- Solidering free

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