LED COB strip

  • High Brightness DC24V Flexible COB LED Strip Light

    LED COB strip light for indoor lighintg decoration PRDUCT FEATURES * From 8mm to 15mm width, from linear to "surface", the new design combines flat and low-profile appearance, along with dotless COB linear lighting. * Double layer 2oz FPC, balancing Voltage drop, heat dissipation and flexibility. * DALI, 0/1-10V, PWM dimming ways all supported.…
  • Ultra-thin magnetic suction light box

  • Double Row COB No Spot LED Strip Light

  • LED Flexible Strip Light HM-COB-480LED

    LED Flexible Strip Light HM-COB-480LED       ltem Code LEDs/meter Input voltage Watt/m CCT/K Color Rendering Index Lm/m Lm/ft LM/w PCB width HM-COB-480-24V-90-27 480 24V 12 2700K 90 1080 329 90 10MM HM-COB-480-24V-90-30 480 24V 12 3000K 90 1080 329 90 10MM HM-COB-480-24V-90-40 480 24V 12 4000K 90 1200…
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