Never-ending learning — Enlightenment Wisdom

Keep going on learning no matter what kinds of course, if the course is positive, then it could give some help on our life and work. Don’t give up any chance to study.

Thanks to the company in July for giving a chance to study "Enlightenment Wisdom", have the sharing and experience among colleagues in August.

Causality in life: It is not easy to understand everyone, tolerate and love everyone, and others will empathize with ourselves in the same way. If you don’t ask for it, you can get it by treating others in a down-to-earth manner;

When things go wrong, turn to others: When we encounter problems, we are accustomed to attribute it to the external environment or to others, and are unwilling or not to find the problem from ourselves. In fact, we should first find the cause from ourselves. Cause + condition = effect, good cause + right condition = good result;

Complaining about others: complaining about our family, husband, children, and we ourselves keep complaining. The consequence is that everyone who comes into contact with us feels that the people around me are not good. Think about it from another perspective. If a person complains a lot to you, you think she is reliable Well, so stop saying that the people around you are bad, so that you and others feel that they are sunny and attract them; your heart becomes stronger: the more things you care about and indifferent, the more you dare to laugh at yourself, and dare to speak out. If you don't care, you will become more open-minded.

Lisa's sharing is worth thinking about improving the state of life;

Candy's sharing Believe in the truth and good knowledge (worldview, outlook on life, values) to find the journey, the duality of all things; accepting and admitting one's own ignorance, knowing that sharing is also a kind of learning, lack of wisdom requires cultivation, how others treat me is mine Cause and effect; how I treat others is my practice;

Lucy’s sharing of pursuit of the ten perfections in life, everyone is striving for the way forward; if you want future results, you must be able to eat the current sufferings in order to reap good fate; kind people will eventually get rewards;

Life, family, career, freedom, spirit, insight, expression, skills, knowledge, wisdom

Kevins Sharing and establishing the correct three outlooks (world outlook, outlook on life, values); doing what you think is good without harming others, accumulating your own blessings;

Jasons sharing. it mentioned in the sharing to do altruistic things under the premise of faith;

Jessica's sharing and recognition of the great ability brought by positive energy, to do the right thing;

Ringos sharing affirmed that a good cause will definitely lead to good results; using a small positive energy to help people around you, good deeds are of no size.