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Linkable IP64 Fresh Food LED Rigid Bar
The led fresh flood light is kind of function light. We can design the color temperature and CRI R1-R9 to make food looks more fresh and beautiful, like Meat using pink color light, Vegetable and fruit use 4000K color light, Seafood and drinks using 6000K cold light, Under these special illuminating effect helping, These food looks more fresh and attract people to buy more, here lighting become an assistant of retail. Many Pieces Connect together Max 7m Long connecting IP 64 waterproof for Refrigerator, Freezer and Cooler for Fresh food display Shelf lllumintion


Mainly use in Freezer and Refrigerator display shelve, such as Bread shelf display, Red Meat shelf display, Deli Shelf Display, Vegetable Shelf display. Dairy Shelf Display etc.