Light washes the wall: the sense of presence of the light strip

Space is the essence of architecture, and "light" is the soul of space.

Light Washing

light wash wall

Many designers in interior design,

The concept of "light strip" will be introduced to light up the space.

While enriching the spatial context,

It also creates a visual sense of light and dark levels and contrast between virtual and real.


But many owners may be puzzled——

"Why design a light strip?"

"Would you use it every day if you installed it?

to increase construction cost, light pollution and maintenance tasks

At the expense of the "image project",

Is it really not tasteless?



But most people may not know,

Who were the early advocates of light strip design,

And what is the purpose of this design?



Add a light source inside the cabinet,

It can weaken the sense of enclosure of the space.




Installing light strips around mirrors is a very trendy practice,

Simple and beautiful,

And it is easier to highlight personality and style.



The ingenious combination of light strips and shelves,

It fully renders the exquisite and fashionable interior atmosphere.



The concept of "Light washing",

That is to use multiple hidden light sources to form a group of floodlights,

Evenly illuminates the wall.

A milestone concept was proposed in the lighting design——

"Tower of light",

Let the hidden light source penetrate the rough and porous limestone material,

It presents a clean, elegant and unconventional visual effect.

In a minimalist spatial form,

The light strip gives it a breathtaking layered beauty.



It makes bright spaces brighter,
Has the magic of guiding vision.