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LED COB Strip Light & SDM Strip Light

Contrast Between COB and SMD

What exactly is COB LED and what is SMD LED and of course which one is right for you. Each model has its benefits, and now I will walk you through why a person would choose one versus the other for their particular application.

  1. COB Strip

The COB has a printed circuit board on its substrate; diode ships are arranged in parallel or/and in series, based on the circuit of the PCB. The substrate can be either in aluminum or ceramic. The ceramic type has an improved thermal conductive performance which can guarantee a lower LED working temperature.

Although the COB LED integrates various chips into one substrate, it only has two metal joining points: the anode and the cathode.

b. SDM Strip

SMD LED has an even greater level of efficiency, that ‘s because more lumens are producted per watt.

In other words, you”ll receive more light with less wattage.

Why Choose the COB LED?

As a general rule of thumb, COB LED lights are higher-quality light sources. That’s because they use reflectors to provide focesed and controlled light. In addition, they don’t feature the frosted lenses that come with SMD LED lights.

COB LED’s are known as a higher-end LED which gives off more of an architectural look, if you intend on living with your LED downlights long term then look to a COB, if you are installing in an investment property then SMD will do the job.

Why Choose the SMD LED?

Meanwhile, as mentioned earlier, SMD LED lights are a great option if you’re interested in having you light flood over a large area. For instance, you could use them in bathrooms, kitchens or bedrooms. However, these lights do come with greater glare compared with their COB LED counterparts.

Copy from https://northerncult.com/led-strip-light-smd-vs-cob/

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