Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2022

The 26th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) was successfully closed on 6th August.
The theme of the exhibition is “New Era, New Opportunity“, aiming to encourage the lighting industry
Break through bottlenecks and tap new opportunities. Although the recurrence of the epidemic caused the exhibition to be postponed for a short time,
But the organizers of the exhibition have the courage to make changes ─ according to the changes in the industry, the special creation “intelligent
Energy and Health Cross-border Demonstration Hall”, which provides a platform for the transformation, cooperation and promotion of lighting enterprises.
A more comprehensive one-stop platform. The effect of the exhibition far exceeded expectations, and the exhibitors and visitors gained a lot
Feng, together leading the industry into a “new decade of lighting”.

Nine themes
The curtain of the new era has opened, and the lighting industry has embarked on a new journey of quality improvement, immersive experience, intelligent and healthy integration and cross-ecological development. GILE has also been working hard to innovate the exhibition to match the rapidly developing lighting industry. The 2022 exhibition will be planned with nine themes:

▶ Smart Ecology – Smart Health Crossover Demonstration Hall
▶ Dimming Control and Packaging Technology — Power LED Driver and Packaging Brand Pavilion
▶ Original Light Art Design — 2022 Light Art Exhibition
▶ Cultural Tourism Night Tour — Cultural Tourism Night Tour Landscape Ecological Exchange Conference
▶ Double Carbon – Green and Low Carbon Technology Ecological Exchange Conference
▶ Light quality and health – Lighting Life Pavilion
▶ Animal husbandry, plant, breeding lighting – biological lighting demonstration area
▶ Smart City, Infrastructure – Smart City, Infrastructure Pavilion
▶ Home and Commercial – Home and Commercial Space Pavilion

Almost 100,000 visitors from 63 countries to meet 2,036 exhibitors. It was a good decision to go ahead with the fair this year, and we are as determined as ever to participate. People there are still optimistic overall, and there have been more visitors than expected.

Due to the current China’s epidemic prevention policy, we regret that many buyers cannot come to the scene. Needless to say, the duration of this policy will have a huge impact on the economy of China and many other countries. We are confident that the situation will weather the storm without incident.
China has changed.
The strongest support requires the strongest will.
My dearest partner, here is the information we would like to respond to you:
“Because there is nothing in the world worth giving up what you love.
“However, that’s what we are doing.”

We look forward to seeing you at The 27th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) on 9-12th, June,2023.

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