• Two-wire Symmetrical Flat Power Track

    https://youtu.be/5VwYolIa6fg Power track provides efficient and economical lighting scenes with an ultra-thin and stylish shape that fits perfectly into any environment. One rail can be connected to multiple lamps, and the direct exit of the guide rail improves the current carrying capacity while minimizing wire clutter. In the limited space…
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  • Happy international Workers Day!

    This product is suitable for supermarket shelves, good quality, cheap price, easy to install and use~ Wish you have a relaxed and happy holiday! Our Holiday time: May 1st - May 5th During which i will still reply to your information. Please contact me at: Mail: info@armorlighting.com TEL: +86 136…
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  • How to choose suitable showcase spotlights?

    LED counter light can be divided into LED counter light bar and led counter pole spotlight according to the illumination effect and installation method. Led COUNTER LAMP LIGHT IS VERY PENETRATING, three-dimensional sense is strong, because of its small and delicate can be installed in the counter for close-range light…
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  • New Products!!!

    Last time we talked about shelf lights, today I want to introduce a shelf guide system in detail. Remember the Flexible Magnetic Power Track System? Our engineering department has improved again and produced a thinner and narrower product -MINI Flexible Magnetic Power Track System. The width of this product is…
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